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Don’t knuckle under

Hi again. Aims here. I have heard many complaints from people over the years about not just the skin on their feet, or hands, but also their knuckles and elbows.

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Kids’ skin

Aims here. If you have kids, you know it is nearly impossible to keep their hands and feet from getting skin damage. And this is during anytime of the year.

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This cream is a miracle!

Hi, Aimee here again.

It has been rainy here in LA these last couple weeks and more rain is coming.

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Diabetes and your feet

Hi All,

The weather and dishwashing are certainly not the only way people can get dry. Cracked skin, and especially on the feet.

Here is a good link with overall advice: http://www.webmd.com/diabetes/tips-foot-care#2-7. Very simply, ten tips to protect your feet if you have diabetes. One tip is to use lotion daily on your feet. Glysolid is great for this and any type of dry skin issue. Talk to your doctor about this and any treatment you may need. People, be proactive with your health, and take care of yourself.

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Rain is dry

Hi Again,

Of course rain is wet and not dry, but I want to make a point.

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Chemotherapy and radiation

Hi, I hope none of you ever have to experience the need to get any form of cancer therapy.

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Benefits Of Glysolid

Fast Relief for Dry Skin!
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Winter skin, ugh!!

Hi all. Aimee here. If you are like me, or like any other person on God’s green earth, you know that whne the gren has faded and the cold has set in, one thing that suffers is your skin.

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